How To Plan A Baby Shower

Planning a baby shower can be easy if you are flexible and organised. I will give you a shortlist of the most important things to think of if you’re planning a baby shower.

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When should you have a baby shower?

First and foremost you will want to give yourself plenty of time to plan the baby shower, as there are a dozen of big and small details you will need to attend to.

Traditionally most baby showers are held in the third trimester.

This allows plenty of time to determine the sex (if the parents choose to) of the baby. Planning a baby shower is much easier when when the sex is known, it will give the shower guests a better idea of what to buy.

It will also make decorating a lot easier, you should go with the traditional pink for a girl and blue for a boy.

The “Formal” rules of a baby shower

The tradition is that anyone can throw the baby shower other than the couple expecting the baby.

Obviously this is not a ‘must’, but the parents prefer not to appear to be expecting gifts from friends and family.

You can do whatever suits you best, as it is still perfectly OK to throw a baby shower if you are the ones expecting.

Planning The Baby Shower

1. Guest list

Deciding on a guest list should be high on your priority list.

Without knowing how many people will attend will make planning the menu, deciding on the location and other details virtually impossible.

Speak to the parents-to-be to ask for a list of friends and family they’d like to invite with addresses or email addresses.

If the parents know the gender of their baby it might be worth noting this on invitations too so guests have a better idea for buying gifts.

2. The Location

You’ll need to think of a venue to hold the baby shower. You should consider what the mother to be would appreciate the most:

  • At a restaurant: Does the mother to be like having lunch with friends? If yes, then maybe reserving some seats at a restaurant is a good idea.
  • At home: If you all prefer a more relaxed atmosphere, then you should have the baby shower at someone’s house. This also gives you the opportunity to prepare some refreshments yourself.
  • At some destination: An outdoor garden (if the weather is nice), a Spa, the Zoo or maybe even an Aquarium. There’s plenty of fun locations to go to.

3. Plan the date

plan the date
The first thing you should do is plan the date.

It’s absolutely fine to set the date for anytime between conception and birth, although most couples prefer to wait until nearer the due date.

It just gives the whole event a more traditional feel if Mum’s got her big pot belly.

Remember that when you’re planning the dates, that you need to keep in close contact with the Mother and Father of the baby and any important family members that they particularly want to be at the shower. That way you can ensure that all the important people will be available.

4. Food ideas

Plan the menu. In most cases this is one of the biggest expenses of any baby shower and you don’t want to get too carried away here, unless you are throwing an extravagant event.

If the baby shower is at someone’s house, then a simple buffet will be fine. The refreshment’s don’t need to be elaborate.
a simple buffet is enough

5. Decoration ideas

One thing that stumps many hostesses is coming up with some great baby shower decorations ideas, but it doesn’t have to be as difficult as you think.

Some of the best ways to brainstorm decoration ideas is to head to your local book store and start flipping through some baby magazines or elicit ideas from friends and family members.

Just about everyone I know has been to at least one baby shower in their life. Get their thoughts and ideas on what they have seen, what they like, and see which ideas you like the best.

It is important to keep in mind what the mother to be wants and what her personality is like. Is she very conservative or does she have a lot of flare to her personality?

Also keep in mind that decorating for a baby shower doesn’t have to be a budget killer either. In fact, you can really do a fantastic job on a very limited budget if you get creative.

Here are some decorating tips:

Spice Things Up With Balloons

Almost every shower has balloons, but they don’t have to be so boring.

One idea that is sure to be a big hit is to order customized balloons in the shape of baby pacifiers, rattles, etc.

This can really liven up any shower and they make great conversation pieces. I guarantee you that guests will notice and remember them.

You can also take this a step further and also order customized balloons with the mother’s name on them as well.

Have a Unique Diaper Cake

One of the most unique centrepieces any shower can have is a diaper cake, and not only is this a huge eye-catcher, but it is also very practical as well.

A diaper cake can be made into just about any shape you desire such as a fire truck, baby carriage, teddy bear, tricycle, etc.

The diapers are used to shape the design and can then be finished with paper, bows, wash cloths etc.

A well done diaper cake makes any shower memorable and best of all contains items the expectant mother can use when the baby is born.

Directions for how to make one can easily be found online, or if you prefer, you can just have one custom made for your shower.

Unique Baby Shower Favors

You want to give your guests something to take home with them, something they will remember.

Some great favors include personalized jams, scented candles, or if your guests have a sweet tooth you can offer chocolates in the form of baby shapes.

Just keep in mind that decorating for a shower is supposed to be fun and not stressful. Remember to enjoy yourself and it will make the process much more enjoyable!

6. Gift ideas

Ensure that the expectant mother has created a baby shower registry and the guests are made aware of it. You don’t want people showing up with the same gifts.

If you don’t get a registry list, then you can simply get one of the following items:

  • Baby wipes
  • Burp cloths
  • Baby clothes
  • Bibs
  • Activity mat
  • Diaper bag

Most of the items mentioned are available on Amazon.

I’ve actually found a great video on Youtube that has more really good gift ideas:

7. Baby shower game ideas

It might be nice to plan some baby themed games. This will all depend on the wishes of the expectant mother and the guest list.

If you have a list of conservative guests, playing games may not be appropriate.

Here are my favorite baby shower games that can add that special touch of fun, and even liven up a boring one!

Guess the Baby Picture

guess the picture
Ask your guests to bring a baby picture of themselves.

Then mix them all of the pictures up in a hat and pass it around.

Each person will get a turn trying to guess the person in the picture, until the correct answer is given.

What’s In The Diaper?
melt some chocolate in a diaper
This game is hilarious!

Melted candy bars such as Snicker bars, Hershey bars, etc are put into a diaper to resemble, you guessed it – poo. Then guests try to guess what candy bar is in the diaper.

Those who guess right win a prize.

Motherly Advice
give advice
Have all of your guests gather around in a circle, and everyone who has experience as a mother, can share their best pieces of advice with the mother to be.

While this game isn’t as hilarious as the others, it is probably one of the most beneficial games for any expectant mother.

How Well Do You Know The Mommy?
how well do you know the mother
Create a list of about two dozen questions about the expectant mother, and then pass them out to the guests.

Your guests will then try to guess the answers to each question.

Every time a guest answers correctly, they get to move onto the next question, only resending their chance whenever they actually guess wrong.

The guest with the most correct answers wins the game and the prize.

These are just a handful of easy baby shower games that you can play, and in many cases it can be fun to make up some of your own as well.

No matter what ideas you end up using, keep in mind that the point of the baby shower is for everyone to have fun, and to make it a memorable experience.

How to plan a baby shower: Some final thoughts

Being pregnant is exhausting. Make sure that the party doesn’t start too late if the mother to be isn’t far from her due date. Otherwise she might find the experience very tiring and may not enjoy it. Starting around lunch time is advisable.

Throwing a baby shower can be a lot of work and responsibility, but it is a rewarding experience (as long as things go smoothly, no pressure 🙂 )!

These were my tips on how to plan a baby shower, I hope you’ve learned a thing or two.

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